Many of us have a ‘Bucket List’. I didn’t know what that meant until I saw the movie. Now I know it is a list of things we want to do before we ‘kick the bucket’.

This is just my Motorcycle list and I would like to know yours. I have learned so much from my brothers and sisters within the motorcycle world, that I know I am a forever student. There is so much more to learn and do.

To begin with, here are some of the things I have completed:
  • Ride more than 20 bikes. I’m not sure why this number was significant to me so many years ago. But I have now had 30 bikes and long ago lost count of the others I have ridden.
  • Ride a bike in Europe. I rented a Moto Guzzi V7 in Naples while the ship was there. It was against Navy rules to ride any two-wheeled vehicle at all on deployment but I needed the stress release. I rode over to Foggia and fell in love with the countryside between the two coasts. In Foggia, the cliffs by the sea are amazing and the buildings built there are too cool to dismiss as anything other than fantastic.
  • Ride my bike year round. I have done this in several states now; Florida, California, Nevada, Colorado and Virginia. I have never locked a bike away because of the cold. A motorcycle is my primary means of commuting. This may be why I won’t move to a northern state or Canada...
  • Ride to a rally with my kids. In 2014, I rode with my three youngest sons to Sturgis. We had many little adventures within that awesome adventure. I want to do this again, and again…
Things to do that are within reason:
  • Ride all 48 lower states plus Alaska on the same bike.
  • Ride from Key West FL to Prudhoe Bay AK.
  • Ride the Four-Corners ride in the lower 48. This is the tips of Florida, California, Washington and Maine.
  • Live on the road for a year or more pulling a camper trailer with the bike. Pretty Pillion wants to do this but by pulling the bike behind the RV. I may have to move this to the unrealistic list.
  • Ride the Trans Canadian highway back and forth in summer.
  • Ride the TAT (Trans America Trail) on a dual sport, and a Scrambler and then an Adventure bike. Maybe reverse that order but there are enough routes that doing it once is not enough. There are few paved roads on these routes.
  • Ride the Northern US route in Winter on a sidecar bike.
  • Ride the Trans Canadian highway in winter on a sidecar bike.
  • Ride the Alps in all countries.
  • Ride Scandinavia in summer.
  • Ride the Trans Siberian Highway in summer.
  • Ride around Australia.
  • Restore a motorcycle. I have Rusty now, a 1982 XS650 but have yet to begin.
  • Own and ride a pre WWII motorcycle.
  • Have my own garage/workshop to repair and rebuild motorcycles. It will need all the tools, refrigerator and music system. I will use it year round thus proper heating and cooling ability must be realized. I will probably use it for making Mead too. ;-)
Things that are not reasonable or likely to ever happen:
  • Have sex while riding. I got close once upon a time as a young and fit Sailor, but she chickened out at the last minute. Probably a good call as I am sure the wife at the time would have been ticked off. My belly is too big nowadays.
  • Race dirt bikes again. The bike I had the longest was a 1978 CR500. It took two weeks to recover after riding it for half a day. Dirt bikes are so darn painful when ridden correctly.
  • Live on the road for a year or more with my dog and my girl. I can’t get the dog on the bike for long (I got the wrong type of dog for this) and the girl doesn’t like riding for long nor does she fancy tent living.
These are the ones off the top of my head. Now, what are yours?