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white wall tires

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Guys, Iam trying to find white wall tires for my V Star 1100 Classic.I really want the white wall to be wider than the Dunlop 1 3/8'' white wall.Anyone know of a tire with a Really wide white wall?
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Check out the thread in the roadliner/stratoliner forum.
Thanks for the help, but I know I can get them for my bike, I just want a tire with the white portion wider than what the Dunlop currently offers. I think the Dunlop has the white portion measuring 1 3/8'' thick, I'd like to get a set with at least 2'' thick.
wide white wall

I just google for WIDE WHITE WALL MOTORCYCLE TIRE. And found 100's of wide white wall tire, but not a single one had the size of the white wall?:mad: they list a white wall and a wide white wall??:eek:
White Wall

I know, crazy isn't it?
What a pain!:mad:
The other thing you could do is a slightly different size tire that has the ww you want. I'm always lookin for ww tires for my bike so if i come across any that will fit your bike I'll post a link.
Found a front. AVON gangster , haven't seen a rear yet
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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