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If I install the biggest, ugliest engine guards on an 1100 and I drop the bike while practicing feathering the clutch/throttle will they protect most of the bike from damage?
If I can install some big ugly engine guards until I am comfortable knowing that I probably won't do any major damage then this is the answer as too whether or not to buy an 1100 right off the bat.
1100 is a great bike but do you really want to learn on such a big bike? Feathering the clutch and integrating it with the throttle is a fairly basic and safe slow movement process you will master quickly. It's the slow speed manouevers (circles, figure 8's, slow routines, etc.) that might cause risk of instability for a new rider and that bad-dream risk of dropping your machine. Just a suggestion --- learn on a smaller bike perhaps in a MSF course?
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