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Short Shots on a '99 V Star 650

My stock pipes (gutted by the previous owner and funny-sounding) are falling apart and I'd like to replace them with the Vance & Hines staggered Short Shots.

It seems like this thread claims they will work on a '99 even though the V&H website says otherwise. I may risk it.

If anyone has other pipe suggestions or has had bad experiences with the ShortShots, could you please let me know. Does the bike feel less powerful on the low end with these pipes? I've seen a number of posts saying that I should get quiet baffles - any thoughts?

Also, if I end up going with these, should I rejet the carbs at the same time? Add an air intake while I'm at it? I would not be happy if the new pipes make the bike feel less torque-y.

Thanks in advance for the help, everyone.
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