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I'm a self-confessed nut when it comes to neat mods! :D
Wether it's my MH, Jeep, Boat, or now the new bike, I love to tweak them to make them my own!

Just picked up my 'new to Me' 1st bike.
2002 V-Star 650 Classic

Let the Winter mods begin! :eek:

Would love to hear any opinions/comments/suggestions.
Here's what I'm thinking of:
1) New tires - White Walls (Good brands? Think WW's will look good?)
2) Front fender rail.
3) Tank bib.
4) Remove rear seat. Add fender bib.
5) Passing Lamps.
6) Saftey Lighting (Modulators).
7) 4" Floorboard/Control extensions.
8) Highway pegs/Engine Guard to work with extensions.

Of course also looking for good helmet and riding gear (Leathers/Textile) Jacket, Chaps, Gloves - ATGATT!.
Looking at HJC IS-Max Flip-up helmet.

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I put a Barons bar on my 650 Classic. It's a one piece unit which is wide enough to cover the floorboards. I picked it up from Phat Performance for $179 with shipping. Very easy install. That's a nice looking ride you have there. Good luck and ride safe.

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