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workshop manuals

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where can i get a factory or hanes ect, workshop manual for my 2009 xv950cc midnight star. make my day, thanks!
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i recently bought a shop manual for mine on ebay from these guys:
thanks dude, ive just got back from the local yam dealer he said only the dealers get a cd for this bike and he couldnt copy it because its protected but as a favour he could print me off a copy for£40-$65 so glad you came up with the info, thanks john!
Shop Manual

You can go to this site and print them or like me just go there when you need them. Click on the red dot beside the item you want.


Although I did buy a copy on E Bay, I suspect it was a bootlegged copy.


This won't do you much good, I'm just putting it out as info. You will find folks like Haynes and Clymer put service manuals out that are readily avaliable 4-5 years(sometimes more) after your bike was made, and then about 1/2 or less than the stealers, whoops, I mean dealers want for theirs. For the non computer folks like I am, it's something to know about.;)
I've worked on cars and motorcycles most of my life. I have bought numerous Hynes and Clymer manuals and the best I can say is that they are better than nothing. They really don't get into the detail that the manufacturer manuals get into. The Clymer or Hynes are probably ~$20-25 and the manufactures manuals are probably $50-125. If your just doing normal maintenance either of the aftermarket ones do ok, but if you get into more complicated things, it's better to get the factory manual. I bought a Clymer and a Haynes for my 1988 Iroc and ended up buying the Chevy manual. For what I was doing it was worth it.
I do agree that manufacturer manuals are overpriced, the Yamaha factory manual for my 07 1300 is ~$100, but I lucked out and got one on Ebay for $30.
I'd be carefull of some of the CD's manuals on Ebay, I bought one that said it was the factory manual but it turned out to be a scanned copy of a Clymer manual.
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i highly recommend the shop manual i found on ebay. it looks just like what i'd expect the dealer to have. tons of detailed diagrams and really fast to find what you're looking for since it's on CD. 388 'pages' so i imagine it's pretty complete. if you'd rather have the paper version, then get this CD and just print off whatever pages you need.
thanks bevo, i ordered the disc on us ebay $17 inc p&p to uk, bargain or what! john.
I bought the factory Yamaha manual for my 2010 950.
It cost me just about $100.00 but I think it's worth it
to have it down the road. Glad I bought it.
You can get it on a CD on E-bay, PDF format. $12.95
Yeah when i got my 2006 650 vstar manual I got it from a site, imracingmanuals.com for $10, been looking for a digital one for the 2009 that I can download
950 manuals

hi, guys i bought mine on disk [perfect] if i remember right it was from repairpro manuals it cost me $11 and $2 p&p to england.
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