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Yamaha V-Star seat question

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Hi, I was hoping someone out there would be able to help me. I have a 2004 Yamaha V-Star Custom, and I only have one complaint about the bike. The stock seat seems to hurt my tailbone area after even a short ride. I was considering spending the cash and getting the Yamaha Boulevard Solo Seat, but it is quite a bit of money to throw out there blindly, so my questions are...

Do you or anyone you know personally have the Yamaha Boulevard Solo Seat, and are they happy with it?

If not, can you recommend another solo seat that I can purchase which will work with the stock passenger seat?

Thank you very much!
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Try the "Butt Buffer" web site, I bought one it diffidently makes a difference
take the stock seat off,

just pull out half the staples,
and lift it up,

and slide some better foam in there

Jst installed a Mustang Vintage seat with driver backrest on my '04 1100 Custom. A bit pricey but worth every penny, this seat is incredible.
Anyone tried a Saddleman seat?
I have the Yamaha solo aftermarket seat. love it.
I went with the Mustang Touring Seat. I too had the tailbone issue and would be hurting after forty miles. Looked at lots of options.

Last weekend I went 130 mi, just stopped to get gas. Didn't notice I wasnt in pain until my friend, on his Warrior,commented that I never said anything about hurting.....Worth every penny...got it for 325.
I went with the Mustang one-piece Touring seat - a little pricey, but well worth it- good
back support very comfortable. Went for a 250 mile run on Sunday ....needless to say I did not regret buying the seat one bit
I think the accessory seats Yamaha sells are made by Corbin but I could be wrong. I had a Corbin seat on my '06 Yamaha V-Star Classic and had the same problem as you do. Seat was just too hard. Finally alleviated the problem by purchasing a AirHawk cushion. After that, 400 mile days were on problem.
Great post, I bought an '02 1100 custom this year and I am in the same bought, 1/2 hour in the saddle and my butt starts killing me. I am 250lbs and 6'2" tall and I installed a set of 4" peg extensions hoping that would help but my tail bone still hurts.

Problem I have is I live in Canada and to buy a Mustang seat and have it shipped up here will be >$500. I guess I'll have to bite the bullet at some point.
I have a 2009 1100 classic with the same issue. I sent my seat down to "Spencers motorcycle seat mods" in Florida. 48 hour turn around so down time was to a minimum. I just completed a 5 day 2500 km trip without any issues. Very cheap ($150 with shipping). Very satisfied. He came recommended from a Canadian motorcycle magazine "Motorcycle Mojo".
Check it out.

I had mine modified by Mean City Cycles --


I ride 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 hours one way to work (and back again) each day and I don't have any burning or tailbone pain. I was only good for about a 1/2 hour with the stock seat.

Not as much as a new seat, and the folks at Mean City are real easy to work with.
Look at the Ride Easy web site. My wife and I use Ride Easy gel pads and they work really well. Even on long (450-650 mile) rides we don't hurt.
I removed the cover and cut out a divot about 4 inches wide and 3 inches from front to back and about 3/4 inch deep with an electric knife...right where my tailbone sat. Put the cover back on and now I hate to stop, even for gas. Cost: $0
Eventually i will modify existing driver/passenger with foam(250.00 mean city) or replace with mustang(500+ i think with backrest) but now i have added a beadrider and sheep skin butt pad and they help, i am comfortable for 1-2 hours now and by then i need gas anyway. . seats are expensive, and a great investment if you ride many miles regularly
I have an 07 650 but never have any problems with the seat padding...I have done up to 595 miles in 18 hours and my shoulders ache a little...but I do think that after a certain amount of years riding, the seat padding may change...I sat on a 2010 950 at a show for 20 minutes I thought I was sitting on concrete!!! I don't know why the seats seem different??
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